[Xiin (papa47gou)] Artwork Collection (Reup)

[Xiin (papa47gou)] Artwork Collection (Reup)

Небольшая коллекция авторских работ. Сюда входит как цельные наборы CG, так и отдельный арт.

Genre: Ahegao, Monsters, Tentacles, Rape, Inflation, Lactation, Pregnant, Bukkake, Lolicon, Group Sex.

Size: 128 Mb
899 pic.

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[Hentai RPG] Home Erone - Girl Runs Away From Robbers

[Hentai RPG] Home Erone - Girl Runs Away From Robbers

* Synopsis
Jessie is the youngest daughter of a large family, having energetic personality.

They planned to go on a trip overseas altogether
but somehow Jessie was left alone in the mansion.

But she doesn't feel lonesome,
rather enjoys doing everything she wants without having the others around.

...... At that time, a pair of robbers show up attempting to sneak into the mansion.

They thought nobody was left in the mansion but realize that Jessie remains here.

Bill: "We got another thing here. Let's have some fun with that girl!"
Danny: "Why not? We're gonna screw her up!"
Jessie: "I can't accept that! I'll never be caught!"

Thus the slapstick game of a girl and a pair of robbers begins.

* Game
- Set traps, wait for robbers, see how it works out. Simple gameplay.
- If you are short of time to set traps, she may be caught up and r*ped.
- Unlocks all CGs as a post-game bonus content

* H scenes
- Threesome
- Double penetration
- Sixty-nine
- Missionary sex
- Restraint play
- Cowgirl sex
...... And more!

* This game is created with RPG TKool MV

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[Hentai RPG] Elves of the Lewd Cage

[Hentai RPG] Elves of the Lewd Cage

* Game System
You made a purchase of an Elven girl, so you order a trainer Dark Elf
to perform sexual discipline on her. Alongside the discipline, it is also
possible to create discipline tools, collect materials for them and so forth.
This game does not have an ending. Please enjoy the Elves' lewd life endlessly.

* Characters:
- Elf (CV: Mia Narusaka)
An Elven girl you have bought as a slave.
You can name her.

- Dark Elf (CV: AsagiShiki)
A hermaphrodite Dark Elf who trains slaves.
People are afraid of her due to her dirty origin.

* Features
Sweat, sperm, whip marks etc. caused during discipline persist in all scenes,
displayed with more than 4,000 variations of images!

The Elf's condition makes changes to the contents of conversation
and voices, so that you can enjoy various patterns in each scene.

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[Hentai Game] 妹を汚した記憶

[Hentai Game] 妹を汚した記憶







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