Shemales Pictures Collection

Shemales Pictures Collection

A large collection of drawings on the theme transsexual (shemales, tgirls). A huge parallel universe of amazing beauties, which are presented in all its glory. They are just posing and engaged in hot sex ... Figures collected by the most various subjects ... Reality, fantasy, fairy tales, science fiction ... There are a lot of artists such as KINKY JIMMY, Dimytrys and many others, as is well known, and beginning ... Lovers of trance collection will like!

Over 2020 Images inside in pack.

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SiteRip (Upd 03.2018) (More 200 Comics)

Size: 4,12 Gb
Pages: 6623
Genre: bdsm, forced feminization, femdom, fetish, shemale, crossdressing, strapon, sissy, sissy slut, cuckold, peeing, whore, forced to suck, bondage, mistress, fetish, anal sex, crossdressing, gender bender, domination, anal sex, spanking, hardcore, all sex
Language: Eng, Rus
More 200 comics:
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150 Flash Game + 3D Comix

More Information
Christies room is not just a sex game, it is a cornucopia of original high quality 3D erotic graphics, hardcore adult flash games, absorbing adult comics, screensavers, wallpapers, mini games and more.

A membership to Christies Room represents great value when you consider what you are getting and if you are uncertain about it you can sign up for a 4 day trial. Below you will see just what you are getting for your money.

Nearly 100 original adult Flash games
Christies Room has been online for over 8 years, and in that time they have amassed nearly 100 original adult flash games. You cannot compare the games to the dedicated sex sims like Cherry Dolls or 3D Girlz but then nor should you because that is not what they are trying to be.

The games generally require that you perform some tasks in order to progress through them and get to the sex. They run at 640 x 480 pixels and the graphics are extremely good, it would be nice if you could opt to run them at a larger screen size but this size is perfectly adequate. There are way too many games here to review them all individually but it’s fair to say I tried several and all (including the older ones such as Virtual Mate) had good graphics and game play that would keep you interested.

Some of the games are serialised so you can play one game, and once you get to the end you have to load the next episode, new games and episodes are being produced all the time.

A good example of diversity was Sea Side Manor, Christie started as an innocent French maid cleaning, and ended up in an alternate world populated by green monkeys. This then leads onto a second episode where you get to have sex with 12 gorgeous girls, wicked!

The Christies Room flash games are diverse enough to keep everybody happy from regular porn and virtual sex lovers to those who prefer fetish or even hentai style partners. There are also some casino and arcade style games including strip poker and sexy bricks, whatever your taste of adult flash games you are unlikely to be disappointed.

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PalComix Full SiteRip

PalComix Full SiteRip

Back by popular demand! And with 3 times the exclusive images as THFHK 1
Their Censors won't allow these new images , so now their available to you in THFHK2
85 Brand new never before seen pictures of your favorite characters too hot too pass the censors!

Download Right Now and Enjoy!!!

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Eric Stanton Comics Collection Upd (71 in 1)

Eric Stanton Comics Collection
Size: 871 mb
Size: 4204
Language: eng
Genre: bondage, facesitting, femdom, gag, spanking, wrestling
71 in 1:
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Namijir 3D Comics Collection (10 in 1)

Size: 673 mb
Pages: 781
Genre: monsters, big breasts, hotpants, anal, big ass, blowjob, cunnilingus, double penetration, glasses, paizuri, stockings
10 in 1:
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Comics & Artworks by Turtlechan (Turtle chan) (17 in 1) Upd

Size: 105 mb
Size: 147
17 in 1 eng:
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Comics & Artworks Collection by Lunate (31 in 1)

Size: 245 mb
Pages: 451
Language: eng
Genre: furry, gender bender, transformation, futanari, lizard girl, multiple breasts, monsters
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El Cid Comics Collection

Genre: big penis, monster, anal, big ass, big breasts, blowjob, eyemask, gag, thigh high boots, animated, guro
Size: 344 mb
Pages: 807
Language: Eng
12 in 1
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Harukawa Namio Art Collection + Namio Video

Harukawa Namio Art Collection + Namio Video

The artist draws Namio Harukawa simple child-like, long-haired brunettes c burly big breasts and hips, I can even say - the same brunette, and dystrophic-men, who this babe presses a very large booty. He is known for his erotic drawings pretty hard character with candid femdom (Female dominance), that is, female domination in sex with sadomazohitskim bias. All the women in his drawings have a hypertrophied thigh, butt, breasts, and men are pathetic, puny, chervepodobny, it is the slaves and servants. Women Harukavy - and Asians and Europeans, and, at times, Africans. One of the most frequently recurring themes of the paintings of the artist - a woman sitting on the face of a man.

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