[FLASH] Hero, Sorceress and Mysterious Island

[FLASH] Hero, Sorceress and Mysterious Island

Let's enjoy a slow life with girls on the mysterious and peaceful "Airan Archipelago"!

This is a game to enjoy the following things:
- to collect ingredients around the island to cook
- to sell items, girls' lingerie and clothes to make money
- to synthesize erotic plants into even more erotic items and
- to dress girls up to enjoy flirty-dirty with them.

* Healthy Contents
You can enjoy various things to do in this game, for example:
- to lift up and turn upside down girls by drag and drop to roll clothes up.
- to enjoy dress-up by purchasing clothes in villages, towns etc.
- to collect a variety of dress-up parts including in many categories (more than 30 parts)
- girls' hair grows day by day. You can cut bangs, side hair and back hair.
- skin color, bust size and height can also be changed.
- their clothes get dirty day by day. You can clean them by washing.
- providing food for girls may cause changes in their affection levels and bodies.
- there are about 1,870 kinds of ingredients, meals, erotic items, clothes etc.
- a ship expands the area of exploration.

* Unhealthy Contents
- you can have ecchi while taking rests.
- ecchi takes place in a completely interactive touching manner. You can click, drag and drop.
- it ends when running out of the girl's health.
- you can slide clothes and even lingerie aside/down/up.
- there are a variety of items only for H scenes.
- bukkake, cumshot in mouth and other holes.
- bukkake makes the girl's clothes and body dirty (can be washed off in a river).
- includes scenes of sexual services such as blowjob and titjob.
- affection level and condition alter girls' response etc.
* Not all the H scenes are unlocked by default.

* Note
This product utilizes things from our previous game:
"A Picturebook of Hero, Sorceress and Fairy Tale (RE205812)".

Default characters with H scenes are the same as the previous game.
H scenes with other girls can be added by applying DLCs.
No monsters, potions and weapons appear in this game.

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[FLASH] MONSTER_01 (Yosino)

[FLASH] MONSTER_01 (Yosino)

This work introduces monsters which are planned to appear in "MONSTER OF THE SEA".
This vol.01 is about "Orcs".

We created this product for the purpose of making interspecies sex work in HD quality.

3 scenes in simple looping HD videos.
For fans of interspecies sex.

Movie sizes: 1920x1080(FHD) and 1440x810(HD)

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Full Flash Lolikon Collections by FactoryDD

Full Flash Lolikon Collections by FactoryDD

9 lolikon Flash Games inside:
幼性教育 ~先生、もっと気持いいこと教えて~
ぼてわんこ! ~ボクご主人さまの赤ちゃん産みたい♪~
ぺどらば日記 ミーチャウのあまあまDAYS

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[FLASH] ふらっちーず2

[FLASH] ふらっちーず2





Русская локализация осуществлена только для ОС Windows

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[FLASH] 家の前を毎朝通るJK宅にエッチなおもちゃを送ってみたら・・・

[FLASH] 家の前を毎朝通るJK宅にエッチなおもちゃを送ってみたら・・・







動画39分 HD画質[1280x720 30fps] MP4形式(H.264/AVC AAC)

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[FLASH] Poke Abby (Uncensored Final version)

Release : Feb/10/2017

[FLASH] Poke Abby (Uncensored Final version)

Poke Abby is the first game in a potential series of 3D interactive sex games taking place at the Autumnhearth College for Magically Gifted Beings.

In Poke Abby you notice one of the students sneaking down to the potions class while everyone else is in the great hall. As a ghost of Autumnhearth, it is your duty to make sure the students aren't getting themselves into trouble! Clearly the responsible thing to do is to wait for her in the potions classroom and catch her by surprise!

Before Abby arrives in the potions classroom, you are able to customize her appearance in many different ways including hair and skin color, outfit, and various accessories. Once Abby is in the classroom, you are free to spook, poke, rub, and undress her as much as you like!

While being poked in the head repeatedly is understandably annoying there are some spots that Abby loves being touched. Find out what spots cause the most pleasure and Abby might invite you over to the desk for some extra fun!

NEW Controls

Click LMB: Poke
Hold LMB: Rub
RMB: Rotate camera
MMB: Pan camera
RMB +Ctrl: Pan camera
Mouse Wheel: Zoom in and out
RMB + Shift: Zoom in and out
Esc: Quits the game

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[FLASH] Wet Summer Days

[FLASH] Wet Summer Days

Once again, as every summer, you enjoy the slow days at the farm. These are also the days you get to meet your cute hot-headed cousin, Mizuki. Will she be a hindrance once again or will things go differently this summer?

- Story told through choice-based visual novel sequences with different outcomes
- Animated scenes
- A variety of interactive mini-games (sleep molestation, peeking, drinking, RPG fighting...)
- Free movement between rooms, day/night cycle, weather effects and choice of activity
- Different costume sets
- Currency, stats and unlockables

Hi there! Thank you for checking out Wet Summer Days. I hope you enjoy it and if you wish to accompany me in my journey of making other unique games, consider visiting https://www.patreon.com/rayn

Have fun! ~(/:/) Rayn - Namida

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Release : Feb/01/2016



Help little boy Haru save college girls from their own sexy nightmare!

One late night, Haru was delivering a bento to college girl Natsuki at Dreamstar College.
Just then, Froid the Dream Machine went amok, sabotaged by Natsuki's rival Yukino!

Froid trapped everyone from Natsuki's friend and senpai to the college's chairperson
in a naughty nightmare, and what's more the girls were turned into monmusu!

The entire school's future at stake, it fell to Haru -- who always like Natsuki -- to enter dreamland...
and begin a surreal adventure of sex with monsters and more!


* Simple 2D scrolling action

Stomp, shoot and more as shonen Haru in various powerup suits!
The goal of the game is to rescue girls from the ecchi yume they're trapped inside!
Haru can perform a hip drop in his default school girl uniform;
the maid uniform gives him a charge shot;
swimsuit and kneesocks allow him to create water blocks he can ride;
and the bunny suit gives him added speed + double jump powers.
There are 4 suits in all.

Of course, if Haru is beaten by small fry enemies or bosses,
a defeat ecchi anime will play out.

* Game over CGs are animated with After Effects!
24 anime CGs w/ 92 total patterns incl. variations.
For those who dislike action platforming but wanna see the CGs and anime, it's okay!
The game comes with a 100% save file with all CGs and anime unlocked.
It also has a helpful quick-death key to lose fights easily.

* Over 70 patterns of defeat ecchi anime! Over 30 patterns!
Tentacles, oneshota, vore, anal assault, reverse r*pe, cum pumping,
slime, freezing, fire ass, dark koge, coerced masturbation, tricorner wedge,
and more ecchiness with monster girls in a world of dreams!

* EASY, NORMAL, HARD modes available
* Keyboard config & gamepad support (Xbox Controller for Windows recommended)
* Set yourself up for sexy defeat fast with the "reduce to 1 life" key!
(Press the point/dot key on the 10-key pad by default)

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[Hentai Game] ロリコン街 売春少女の借金返済記

Release : Nov/03/2016

[Hentai Game]  ロリコン街 売春少女の借金返済記




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[FLASH] Active Chikan! Vol.11 Serious JK

Release : Oct/23/2016

[FLASH] Active Chikan! Vol.11 Serious JK

Active Chikan! is a molester sim. Simple click interaction.
Touch the girl, watching her face and reaction.

An earnest girl with a keen mind. Best among her peers.
She has been naive about sex, so she definitely needs to learn through being groped!

73 total images incl. variations

Simply use the mouse. No difficult controls.
Poke and stroke to make her feel things.
Your actions now pay a reward - how much cash can you win?
If she panics your options are limited, so observe her closely.

Artwork provided by Kimagure After.

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[FLASH] SIMSEH 2: Milkania

Release : Sep/12/2016

[FLASH] SIMSEH 2: Milkania

Meet the alien who travels the universe looking for pussy. He found planet earth and abducted a MILF for his sexual fantasies. The game is more than just sex scenes, it has a game play and missions, plus a story line with details about the Sci-Fi universe in which you'll have to complete levels so that you can get to the slutty MILF you want to bang.

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[FLASH] Oni Boku ~Molesting Ogress Girl~

[FLASH] Oni Boku ~Molesting Ogress Girl~

This is a touching simulator! Intuitive direct control with a mouse!
Click & Drag to feel as if you are actually touching this ogress girl!

* High-quality seamless animation!
Using 60FPS sleek animation to give you a realistic experience.
With newly joined staff members dedicated to Live2D, we have pursued the smoothness.

* Many situations!
The number of situations is twice as much as the previous work!
(handjob, touching, fingering and missionary sex)

* Immersive story!
The number of textual characters in the ADV part is also about twice as much as the previous work.

* Synopsis
Shouta lives in a mountain village far away from cities.
One day, he happens to find a mummy stored in an old hut.
It is his carelessness that he touches it and awakens an ogre inside....

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[FLASH] ハクダクのユ

Release : Dec/19/2016



・汚すの大好きっ!            等の方にオススメです。

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[FLASH] Touching FLASH Bokura no Mikasa Disgrace Orgy

Mikasa is lost in a parallel world: no muffler, no ability.
Violated by a horny brat who looks like Eren...!

- Eren lookalike deflowering creampie SEX
- Violation by someone who could be Eren? SEX
- Weakened by fellatio on Armin then SEX
- Mikasa defecation (softcore scat)
- Mikasa assault
- The scent of beatitude. Fellatio SEX
- Orgy. Jean and Mikasa KISS
- Pregnant orgy SEX
- Mikasa is happy... commemorative pregnant photoshoot

Satisfy conditions of her training (19 scenes w/ 10 base CGs + variations)

Touching Flash interaction with level up status, day tracking (no limit to how many days)
Easy mouse-only controls!
Blowjob, breast sex, intercourse, creampies, body cumshots are all part of the package.
Smoothly animated with After Effects
Adjust the volume of heavy breathing voice or toggle ON/OFF (during touching)
Toggle glasses, pubic hair, POV, headphones and other visuals ON/OFF (affects H scenes)
Voice acting included
SFX included (vibrator sound, etc.)
Customize the player name!

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[3D Hentai Game] プレイクラブ [Uncensor Patch + English Launcher]

今作でも新エンジン・Unity を搭載し、女体の質感やモーション、背景やカスタムまで大幅にパワーアップ !!
特にカスタマイズはリアルタイムで実行でき、おっぱいに至っては “OSS(おっぱいスライダースペシャル)” で
プレイ相手を巨漢・汚い男・女などに変更することもでき、謎の館で繰り返される淫靡な調教劇は次第に熱を増していく !?



「ワシの代わりに、女たちを抱け。 その様でワシを楽しませろ……」


羞恥と快楽、堕落と混沌が支配する “秘密クラブ” の扉が今開かれる……

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HARUNA's latest novel + movie + CG hybrid about an abducted young girl.
Their perversions reveal her own, and a line is crossed from captor to lover.
JAPANESE-HENTAI-GIRL is part of the Hyper Real Series,
3DCG looping animation and still shots you can enjoy with a click.
Voice acting included! Stimulate yourself with sound and visuals.

There are over 30 movie clips!

Methods of perversification are classic sex,
anal stretching, drugs, egg birth, object penetration, prostitution,
three c*cks in the face, enemas, creampies, masturbation
photoshoot, pregnancy, filthy talk, body mod and more.

Includes the newly-developed CD Album, or just open scenes in your favorite player.

Thank you. Please enjoy JAPANESE-HENTAI-GIRL.

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[FLASH] Loli Shota Hybrid

[FLASH] Loli Shota Hybrid

Young girl? Young boy? You can choose!! A hybrid adventure game!
The controls are simple.
Experience one setting but "two stories" :
A guy who loves imoutos x a young girl
A senior at school club x a young boy

148 total scenes/images

Illustrated, planned and written by Yawaraka Concrete
Directed by Polyphenol Daijin
Special thanks to Control Z and Moyazou

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[FLASH] Shota Hero Agony 8 -Default Picture Book Adventure-

Release : May/16/2016

[FLASH] Shota Hero Agony 8 -Default Picture Book Adventure-

Game Over H-scenes consist of "Forced ejaculation", "Being swallowed whole" and the sort...

The story continues from Shota Hero Agony 7!

* You can enjoy this game standalone.

A simple adventure game

Saving with password style

Choose left or right to go forward
There are traps shooting arrows which you need to knock off

If you can clear the game, there are 5 CGs + bonus story to enjoy.
Password will be displayed once in the middle of the game and once after you clear the game.

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[FLASH] Walking In On Little Sister's Showertime

Release : Jul/27/2015

[FLASH] Walking In On Little Sister's Showertime

"Today was so hot, I'm all sweaty.
I'mma take a quick shower!

Nobody's looking, maybe I'll pee a little and touch my special place......

Kya... A, ah, oniichan? When did you come in?
Don't peep on your sister in the shower!

I, I wasn't doing anything ecchi in here, you know!

Oniichan...... your...... your thing is standing up but,
did you get that because you were watching me? You're a pervert!

But it's so big.
Then if I touch it it's hot and velvety soft
Hard but soft. Hot and fluffy.
It's fun to play with your d*ck. Oniichan's d*ck.
Ohh, now it's really throbbing and you're blushing.

Twitch twitch! Can you make it do that?

Oh, did you just pee white stuff out of your d*ck!?!?

Oniichan, you shouldn't put your fingers in there... that's my... my plaaace... ah.
Now I'm all wet inside there...!!

What? No way, put that... in there? Your thing and my thing together?
No way! That's so crazy! Nooohhhnn <3 !! Ahhhnnn <3 ...... !!"


Brother x sister bathroom incest

101 movie clips
Pissing, bathing, onani, sexual intercourse
H.264 codec format

Bonus 840 screenshots

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